My Approach

My approaches depend on your needs. If you are a thinker, I will meet you there with cognitive therapy. If you are impulsive, I am more likely to use cognitive-behavioral therapy. If you are more of a feeler, I am apt to use client-centered therapy with a focus on intra-psychic work. For people who prefer the big picture, I use psycho-education to explain concepts and apply them to your life, and for those who like to dive in fast, I love to use experiential modalities such as present moment relating and challenging homework.

Couples and parents will focus on practicing new communication styles and kids will likely play games and do art as a way to more easily express themselves. And when one approach does not work for you, I will instinctively switch to a different approach. As I am the therapist, I will meet you where you are at. I just ask that you be yourself and tell me what is going while it is happening. This will also help you practice feeling your feeling, expressing them, and advocating for your needs in a safe environment.