Counseling for Couples

Relationships are challenging. Communication barriers, trust issues, and not knowing how to handle conflicts are all issues that burden couples around the world. You are not alone, and I have the experience and ability to help you and your partner move forward.

Conflict Resolution

While processing your current relationship struggles, I teach clients how to use new communication approaches to create more safety, connection and intimacy.

Affair Recovery

An affair can appear like an insurmountable obstacle in a marriage. And, at the same time, divorce may not be the answer for you. In affair recovery counseling, we will first unpack the painful event so that we can address the underlying core needs that have gone unattended in the marriage. Through addressing each person’s unmet core needs and the vulnerability of not feeling loved, we will work on bringing back connection through mutual caring. And from that place of mutual caring, we will explore how each of you want to change in order to fight for your love for one another.

​Pre-marital Counseling

In pre-marital counseling, we will focus on family planning, role negotiation, and, most importantly, building the communication and relationship skills needed to weather challenging times.

Divorce Mediation

​If one or both of you have decided that divorce is the answer, then I provide a safe place for mediation so that you spend less time and money on fighting through lawyers and more time moving forward for the benefit of everyone involved. We will separate out feelings of hurt and vengeance from decision making regarding separation and custody.